You can register at any time and begin your program as early as six months ahead of your national exam date, up to one month ahead of your national exam date.  Register when you feel it will work best for your personal study plan.  Physio Refresh will provide a customized recommended study schedule based on the time remaining before your national exam date.

It is recommended, but not required, that candidates complete credentialing with the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators and have an anticipated exam date. The only requirement for registration is the payment of the registration fee.  

The majority of Physio Refresh is self-directed, which means that registrants work through the online materials at their own pace, without a program instructor or facilitator.  There are two scheduled events delivered via Zoom: the Written Tutorial Workshop, and the Capstone Tutorial.  Participants will be notified of upcoming Written Tutorial Workshops and will have an opportunity to select their sessions, when possible.

Physio Refresh events (Written Workshop and Capstone Tutorial) are conducted ‘live’ on Zoom.  You will be provided with Zoom links for the workshops – a strong internet connection, webcam, and microphone are required.  Physio Refresh tutors and facilitators are highly adept at engaging in group discussions on Zoom, and the sessions are a great opportunity to ask questions, discuss study strategies, etc.

You can ask questions during the Written Tutorial Workshop, by talking to your peers in the program, or by reaching out to program staff.

Your access to the online content remains open until the national exam date – if you need to review material the night before the exam, you are still able to access all of the online content.

Physio Refresh does not offer financial assistance for paying program fees; however, past registrants have found assistance through services such as WorkBC and Skills Connect Canada.

Back in Motion's Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants offers support and financial support to eligible candidates visit Back in Motion to learn more.

Health Match BC (HMBC), in partnership with the BC Ministry of Health and the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators will support eligible Internationally Educated Physiotherapists who want to work in BC by offering financial support to help pay for costs associated with credential assessment, English language proficiency testing, exam preparation, and bridging education. Please visit the HMBC website to learn more.

There may be additional options in your province.

You can participate in the Physio Refresh from any location with internet access.  

Physio Refresh registrants do not need to be in Canada and do not require a Canadian student or work Visa.