You can register at any time and begin your program as early as six-months ahead of your exam date. The Physio Refresh Practical Program was designed to be completed in the three (3) months prior to taking the ACE BC exam, but some people choose to take an earlier program so that they have more time to study on their own before taking the national exam. Register when you feel it will work best for your personal study plan. Physio Refresh will provide a customized recommended study schedule based on the time remaining before your exam date.

There are three in-person events in the Physio Refresh Practical Program which must be attended in Vancouver, BC: the Baseline OSCE (start of the program), the Clinical Lab Weekend (approximately one month into the program), and the Final OSCE (second month of the program). The remaining Practical Program content is online for registrants to work through at their own pace.

The Baseline OSCE and Final OSCE are each approximately 4.5 hours long (i.e., a half day). The Clinical Lab Weekend is a two-day event, approximately 9 hours each day. All events take place on either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Registrants are assigned to their event sessions by the Physio Refresh Program Operations Manager.

There are a number of options available: you can ask your peers in the program on the discussion forum, reach out to the Physio Refresh program team, or ask an examiner at the in-person events.

Your access to the online content remains open until the exam date – if you need to review material the night before the exam, you are still able to access all of the online content.

Program registrants must be in Vancouver on the dates of the three program events; however, Physio Refresh Program registrants do not need to live in Canada, and do not require a Canadian student or work Visa.

Physio Refresh does not offer financial assistance for paying program fees; however, past registrants have found assistance through services such as WorkBC and Skills Connect Canada.

Back in Motion's Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants offers support and financial support to eligible candidates visit Back in Motion to learn More.

Health Match BC (HMBC), in partnership with the BC Ministry of Health and the Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators will support eligible Internationally Educated Physiotherapists who want to work in BC by offering financial support to help pay for costs associated with credential assessment, English language proficiency testing, exam preparation, and bridging education. Please visit the HMBC website to learn more.

There may be additional options in your province.

Please contact the Physio Refresh Program Operations Manager (physio.refresh@ubc.ca) to confirm your event time and date, so that you are able to make your travel plans.