Practical Program Content

Upon registration for the Physio Refresh Practical Program, participants receive a customized study schedule that recommends an effective approach to engage with the program content based on the length of time available before the participant’s scheduled national exam date.  The option to register as early as six months, or up to one month in advance of your exam date provides flexibility for participants. 2021 Program registrants can participate from any location. The program provides:

Access to an Online Curriculum:

  • Over 50 clinical skills videos featuring key examinable components of the National Exam;
  • 23 Virtual Patient Cases (interactive multimedia presentations of complex cases);
  • 10+ Interactive Instructional Modules;
  • A discussion board to connect with peers in the program;

Virtual Mock Exam:

  • Practice the 2021 Virtual OSCE format on Zoom.  The mock exam consists of 4 x 5-minute practical-only stations with our experienced examiners.  The mock exam is followed by individual performance feedback with each examiner.  More details will be provided.