Written Program Content

Upon registration for the Physio Refresh Written Program, participants receive a customized study schedule that recommends an effective approach to engaging with the program content based on the length of time available before the participant’s scheduled national exam date.  The option to register as early as six-months, or one-month in advance of your exam date provides flexibility for participants. Registrants can participate from any location. The program provides:

Online Curriculum:

  • An initial 40 Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Exam; 
  • Five clinical modules with glossaries, resources, and study questions;
  • Four Post-Module MCQ exams for the key content areas: Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Cardiopulmonary-vascular, and Multi-system/Other;  
  • 23 Virtual Patient Cases: interactive multi–media presentations of complex cases – each with an accompanying quiz to ensure learning objectives are met;
  • 10+ Interactive Instructional Modules;
  • A 55 MCQ Exam 
  • An MCQ Exam Skills Module
  • A discussion board to connect with other participants 

Written Tutorial Workshop :

  • Three workshop sessions, each 3.5 hours long, conducted via Zoom 
  • The sessions cover Musculoskeletal, Neurological, and Cardiovascular-respiratory content
  • Each session is led by an experienced instructor using MCQs and case studies to review key elements in the respective area of practice

Final 100+MCQ Exam:

  • A Final 100+ MCQ Exam provides participants with an indication of preparedness for the National Exam.

Capstone Tutorial:

  • This 2.5-hour tutorial is facilitated by an experienced instructor via Zoom.
  • The tutorial allows participants to practice further MCQs and case study discussion and includes an introduction and overview of complex health condition population management and planning.

PCE Participant Success Rate:

Physio Refresh Participants


passed the Written exam

Other Participants


passed the Written exam